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magazine covers

Credibility the old-fashioned way... we EARN it! As Luxury Real Estate Photographers with backgrounds in real estate and graphic design, we are the Creators of Flash Gallery Tours.
37 Magazine Covers credit our history of helping agents sell more homes faster!

Before there was Flash Gallery Tours, there was Photogenic Homes™, the real estate photography company started by California Real Estate Broker, Angelina Gandzjuk.

Photogenic Homes™ provided attention-getting photography to help agents better market their listings. By capturing the most flattering angles and drawing more attention to the home's unique features, the photography conditioned buyers to see the best in a home, and look for those qualities, when visiting the home in person. When the homes looked more photogenic online, interest increased dramatically!

Word spread...Great photography made a big difference. Homes were selling faster. Magazines took notice and referred their own advertising clients, the real estate agents, to Angelina to shoot their properties. She was trusted to deliver exactly what was needed, on time, at a moment's notice. As a result, she was asked to shoot several magazine covers.

Today, with the partnership of the accomplished graphic artist and photographer Gabriel Gandzjuk, Photogenic Homes™ has evolved into Flash Gallery Tours, our answer to helping more agents across the country make their listings look and function better online - so they sell faster. We know you need it, and you definitely deserve it!

Angelina and Gabriel Gandzjuk
Co-creators, Flash Gallery Tours